Dubbing is the most common post-production processes out there. Whether it is a full-length film or small documentary or anything else, dubbing is used to record and replace voices in one language by another language. Good command over both source and target languages gives us the advantage to get the real sense of the script. Clarity, pronunciation and diction are vital aspects of language dubbing.

The second most important aspect is timing. Lip sync Dubbings need to be performed with eyes & ears wide open, keeping in view of the fact the expressions and lip movement of the source. Now the scenario has changed, you find a number of channels in each language. If we consider the multilingual nature of our country and the international market, there is a great demand for voice over artists.

The Artist’s Command over both, the source and target language helps him considerably as it helps manipulate the choice of words slightly without harming the sense of the dialogue.

At Innovative Language Solutions, we have a team of professionals who have been dubbing for last several years with experience in corporate videos, Movies, Radio/TV commercials, E-learning, Documentaries.

Innovative Language Solutions provides end-to-end language dubbing services. With owned-and-operated dubbing facilities, Innovative Language Solutions provides local, in-territory, project management with the added quality and technologies that come with a global provider.