Software localization is one of the important operations and requires careful coordination between different phases of work. It requires the collaboration of various professionals from translators, graphic designers and programmers to marketing experts. The success and quality of a software localization project depends on several factors. We work hard to achieve our objectives through software translation, internationalization, localization and globalization, including the following elements:

  • Achieving a fully functional and tested product that can manage multiple languages.
  • Having a trained staff that can manage updates or changes in many languages.
  • Creating a platform that will allow the introduction of new markets at the lowest incremental costs.
  • Creating processes and procedures that will ultimately improve customer functionality and satisfaction, as well as increase sales.

We will understand the specific nuances of and expertise involved with modifying a software program into a multiple language product. This includes the translation and localization of the following:

  • Software/ User Interface Code.
  • Help Screens, Instructions, Menus, Shortcut Keys.
  • Software Manuals.
  • License Agreements.
  • Legal and Information Security Disclaimers.
  • Warranty Agreements.
  • Marketing Material and Packaging Content.
  • Cultural-Related Content and End User Customs.

One logistical challenge with software internationalization is separating the source text from source code. The text to be translated or localized, both visible and hidden, needs to be separated in a way that preserves the integrity of the code.

Software localization has the potential to open up your target market ten-fold.