Need to transcribe audio into text format? You’ve come to the right place. Innovative Language Solutions has over a decade of transcription experience. With our certified, highly trained transcribers, we guarantee a 98% accuracy for your transcript and fast turnaround time. Our experienced transcriptionists can keep up with multiple speakers, a variety of content quality, transcribe verbatim, and much more.

To better meet your individual needs, we offer additional services for all transcription projects.

  • Verbatim.
  • Time Codes.
  • Correct Grammar. 

We at Innovative Language Solutions strive to provide you with the highest quality transcriptions at a quick turnaround time. We never use non-human transcription methods such as robots and algorithms, as all of our transcribers are real people. In order to ensure accuracy, we hire transcriptionists from different industry, cultural backgrounds and language speakers. All transcripts submitted by our transcriptionists are re-verified, proofread, and reviewed to ensure our high accuracy guarantee. 

We specialise in – Academic transcription, Business transcription, Insurance transcription. Interview transcription, Legal transcription, Medical transcription, Research transcription, Police transcription.

We transcribe all types of recording, which include interviews, meetings, conferences,

Teleconferences, focus groups, presentations, reports, scope of works, panel discussions,

Surveys and hearings.

Our customized transcription services can easily meet any specifications, including specialized formatting and recurring delivery schedules (daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly).With a secure, automated workflow and a team of experts, our work is according to you timeline and we deliver on time, every time. 

Finally, it’s important to assess a vendor’s ability to maintain accuracy and consistency across many files. While hiring transcribers, we always keep in mind that when it is low volume, anyone can produce high accuracy. But when it comes to bulk volumes, it’s a different ball game altogether. Thus, our transcribers are the best of the best and can provide large volume of work with consistently good quality.