We deliver free voice proposal with pre-recorded audios and demos, having into consideration the range of age, gender, timbre and style. Voice over has many implementation depending on the market industry, type of media, channel of distribution, target audience etc.

The type of product, the intended audience and the intention of the script are also key to decide what the best choice is, so the more details you can tell us, the best we can provide you guidance.

Our professional artists have an extensive experience in voiceover, advertising, radio, dubbing, animation and acting. Some of them are also professional singers. We also offer a great diversity of talents from all ages and nationalities. But all of them have something in common, they are incredibly good at what they do.

Among our voices, there are no bland voices. They all have something special, whether you want a fresh and unknown talent or a recognisable and distinctive voice. Any idea you have in mind we can make it happen.